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Northwestern School of Communication

Major in Communication Studies

Communication Studies is the perfect major for students with multiple interests and diverse talents because the discipline provides theory, tools, and techniques for analyzing, managing and improving communication in every arena of professional and personal interaction.  Our faculty value students who are eager to learn from and contribute to a flexible, challenging, and cutting-edge academic environment.  Courses in Communication Studies will challenge your mind, broaden your views, and develop in you an increased awareness of and skill in communication practices.  Our goal is to prepare students to take their place as responsible leaders, engaged citizens, and pioneering problem-solvers in their communities and chosen fields of work.  To serve this goal, our scholarship and teaching are multidisciplinary, practical and innovative.

Our world-class faculty members teach courses and undertake research projects which blend theory with practice for productive, engaged criticism.  Students in Communication Studies learn to evaluate and produce communicative texts that adapt to changing situations and audiences.  As a result, the undergraduate curriculum in this major rigorously prepares students for future work and study in any number of diverse fields, such as law, political organizing and public affairs, marketing, advertising, public relations, consulting and many others. You’ll find that professional opportunities abound and include a wide range of career choices.  

Visit the major's Academic Catalog listing to see specific requirements, which include: 

  • Major requirements specify that students must take and pass 12 Communication Studies (COMM_ST) courses.  
  • Additional requirements, including distribution requirements, elective requirements and writing proficiency. 

Honors in Communication Studies is an option for highly motivated Communication Studies majors to conduct original scholarly research. Seniors who successfully complete the program will be eligible to graduate with departmental honors.