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Northwestern School of Communication

Career Pathways

Graduate Alumni

Performance Studies PhD recipients are currently on the faculty of colleges and universities across the country as well as in a number of countries. They are also community activists and directors of nationally acclaimed theatre companies. MA recipients are teachers, performers, directors, writers.

Undergraduate Alumni

Performance Studies alumni pursue a wide range of careers. The choices have been as varied as the interests of the students.

They have founded innovative theatre companies (including Lookingglass, Redmoon, Lifeline, and Roadworks companies); have pursued graduate study, in Performance Studies and other disciplines; have begun successful careers as theater and film artists, actors, directors, and producers; and are performance reviewers for newspapers and journals. Even if they do not go on to careers related to performance, alumni are able to make use of the special kind of critical thinking inspired by a performance-based program of study. They have pursued careers in psychology, law, advertising, banking.