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Northwestern School of Communication


Both required and elective courses prepare students for personal success and civic leadership through informed and ethical communication teaching and research in and for a world of diversity, equity, inclusion and social justice.

Featured Courses

Theories of Persuasion (COMM_ST 205-0)

This course is a survey of major theories that explains how to change another person's attitudes and behaviors. Students learn the application of persuasion within a variety of contexts, including relationships, organizations, legal campaigns, and the mass culture. 

The Sociology of Online News (COMM_ST 375-0)

The content and organization of this seminar reflect the fast-moving character of the sociology of online news, emphasizing recent texts but grounding their interpretation in longstanding debates in the sociology of traditional media. 

Classical Rhetoric and Its Afterlives (COMM_ST 414-0)

The course includes representative texts from Greek and Roman antiquity as well as examples from later historical periods of significant recuperations and reconsiderations of the classical legacy.