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Northwestern School of Communication

Minor in Sound Design

This interdisciplinary program offers you professional training in sound design. You’ll explore sound in film and video, new media, theatre, radio, and art installations. The coursework draws from across the university—the Schools of Communication, Arts and Sciences, Engineering, and Music—giving you a strong foundation in sound theory, production, and practice.

Using state-of-the-art facilities, you’ll get hands-on audio training as it relates to a broad range of media. You’ll understand how sound conveys character in narrative film, how it changes a theatre space or expands the physical boundaries of art, and how the latest technology affects audio in streaming media. In conjunction with your primary area of study—whether it’s media, art, or computer science—you’ll create an audio portfolio that is equal parts artistry and craft.

A minor in Sound Design can launch your audio production career in:

  • film/video, television, radio, and new media,
  • game and software design,
  • theatre and other live events, and
  • art

For policies and advising, see Office of Undergraduate Programs and Advising.

Visit the minor's Academic Catalog listing to see specific requirements, which include: 

  • Students must take and pass 6 units of credit, including a selection of Radio/Television/Film (R/TV/F), Theatre (THEATRE) and Music Technology (MUS_TECH) courses. 
  • Other courses also may be counted toward the minor with the approval of a sound design adviser.