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Northwestern School of Communication

Minor in Film Media Studies

With a minor in film and media studies, you’ll acquire the tools necessary for rigorous analysis of media within the broader context of the humanities and social sciences. The focus of this interdisciplinary program is on media analysis within an expansive intellectual framework, rather than on media creation.

You’ll have the opportunity to view films from countries around the world and ascertain their impact, understand the power of image in culture, and examine race and gender through the language of cinema. We encourage you to augment your coursework by attending the varied university events on media—film series and individual film screenings, workshops and invited speakers, performances and exhibitions.

As a complement to your major area of study, a minor in film and media studies gives you deep insight into how media shapes society and prepares you for a career that requires you to anticipate the impact of media, such as politics and entertainment management.

For policies and advising, see Office of Undergraduate Programs and Advising.

Visit the minor's Academic Catalog listing to see specific requirements, which include: 

  • Students must take and pass 6 units of credit, including the course Analyzing Media Texts and 5 additional units of credit with a primary emphasis on film and/or media studies.
  • At least 3 must be the 300 level.