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Northwestern School of Communication


Featured Courses

Analysis & Performance of Literature (PERF_ST 103-0):

This course studies literary fiction and non-fiction through performance. Students explore how performance helps the performer and audience interpret a literary text, as well as express challenging political and personal themes. They will examine the ways performance illuminates the written word and draws out deeper understandings of social relations through embodied praxis.  

Performance Culture and Communication (PERF_ST 203-0)

This course introduces students to the concept of performance as a significant social and communicative practice. Through active participation and collaboration throughout the course, students will gain familiarity with core performance studies techniques including but not limited to oral history, fieldwork and interviews, newspaper theatre, and visual, sonic, movement, and experiential arts. 

Contemporary Middle Eastern Performance (PERF_ST 308-0-1)

This seminar examines embodied cultural practices across the Middle East and North Africa, with particular attention to music, dance, theater, and popular culture. Spanning the late nineteenth century to the current post-Arab Revolution era, students will better understand a cultural history of the region, its role in shaping global modernity, and the politics of gender, sexuality, class, and ethnoreligious difference.