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Northwestern School of Communication

R/TV/F Workshops

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Canon C300 Workshop, 9/29/23 and 10/6/23

Friday Sept 29 and Friday Oct 6 10am – 1pm. Attendance at BOTH SESSIONS is mandatory.

To be certified for checkout of the Canon C300, students must take either RTVF 476 or the C300 workshop. This is a two-day workshop that covers the following:

- Camera and Tripod build
- Prime and zoom lenses, including lens-changing procedure
- Matteboxes and follow focus procedure
- Setting up and using the external recorder
- Basic camera exposure tools

Any student who has COMPLETED Rtvf 380 or 381 is eligible. Students who are currently taking 380 or 381 are not allowed to take the workshop. There are no exceptions! Students are required to indicate when and with whom they completed 380 or 381.

Grip and Electric Workshop, 10/13/23

Friday Oct 13 from 10am – 5pm (including lunch, which is provided)

In order to check out some of the more advanced lighting gear the cage offers, students need to take either RTVF 380 and 476 or take the Grip & Electric workshop. This is a one-day workshop (lunch provided) that allows students to learn the following equipment:

- Grip tools: clamps, Hi Hi Stands and Junior Combo stands, proper on-set procedure
- Arri Skypanel
- Aputure 1200 D
- Amaran Tube lights
- DMG Dash lights
- Setting up 6X6 and 12X12 frames correctly and safely with silks and griffolyns
- Basic safety protocols

Any student who has COMPLETED Rtvf 190 is eligible.