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Northwestern School of Communication

Minor in Human Communication Sciences

Students who pursue an undergraduate minor in Human Communication Science are passionate about understanding their own abilities to communicate, and are eager to expand the ways in which they can improve the quality of life for children and adults with difficulties in hearing, speech, swallowing, language and learning.

This minor is a strong complement to studies in therapies that use art, dance or theatre to reach children with learning disabilities or other developmental difficulties. It is the ideal option for School of Communication students who want to expand their understanding of the physical and physiological principles underlying communication. The minor is also suited to students who want to learn about communication-based health issues, or to apply their knowledge and skills gained from their major to health-related industries by which they can help others.

For policies and advising, see Office of Undergraduate Programs and Advising.

Visit the minor's Academic Catalog listing to see specific requirements, which include: 

  • Students must take and pass 7 units of credit, including 6 Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD) courses. They must include a specific neurobiology course and core CTD courses. 
  • No more than one CSD research credit may be counted toward the total required.