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Undergraduate Programs

Majors and Dual Degrees

Intensive training in the theatrical arts, nested in the context of a liberal arts education.
The study and performance of dance in the context of a liberal arts education.
Earn both a bachelor of science in engineering and either a bachelor of science or bachelor of arts in communication in five years.
Earn either a bachelor of music or bachelor of arts in music and either a bachelor of science or bachelor of arts in communication in five years.

Minors and Certificates

Training for students interested in pursuing the theories, methodologies, and techniques of performance to develop artistic and/or scholarly work in other primary disciplines across the University.
The art and technology of sound design in film and video, new media, theatre, radio, and art installations.
Theatrical performance, design, and history, literature and criticism.
A selective program, requiring auditions for first and second year students majoring in theatre, voice and dance.


A course of study designed for RTVF and Theatre Majors to focus on the craft of performance for narrative cinema, television, and web media.
Students will study the nuanced interplay between biology and environment that contribute to building developmental foundations for communication.
Students will explore the field of comedy in fields of television, film, theatre, stand-up, prose, performance and sketch.
This module gives students a deep appreciation for the tools used to study the brain and how it gives rise to typical and atypical communication abilities.
Students will explore the arts of book writing, lyric writing and composition, while cultivating an effective and healthy collaboration in music theatre.
This module is designed to encourage mastery of the art and craft of writing for screen, stage, television and all forms of narrative media.
Students in this module explore the use, design, and implications of digital communication and information technologies.
Students will examine the context of their impact on patient safety, individual and population health outcomes, and organizational workflow in healthcare systems.
Students will investigate media and creative markets and explore how power, capital, value, labor and regulation affect culture.
This module explores the foundations of digital interactive art, gaming, web, sensor based interactions, and useful daily applications of digital media.
This module is designed to nurture a community of playwrights, ultimately preparing them to present themselves effectively to the profession.
This module explores sound as cultural expression, creative practice, and a key component in the study of performance as communication.
The module prepares undergraduate students interested in pursuing a career as a theatrical designer.