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Media Arts Grant (MAG) for Radio/Television/Film

The Media Arts Grant (or MAG) is a funding system administered through the Department of Radio/Television/Film to support student-driven filmmaking experiences.

Media Arts Grants enable students to create films and other media that demonstrate experimentation, creative growth, and the artistic fundamentals that are the cornerstone to our academic program. The funding and selection process ensures each student proposal is considered with equal weight, and no preferential treatment is given on any basis other than artistic merit.

The students who’ve earned MAGS enjoy additional mentoring from our faculty — many of whom are leaders in the media arts. Students are encouraged to partner with student media arts organizations (i.e. Studio 22, NUWFA, MultiCultural Collective, etc.) to pitch projects for grant approval, or to form a partnership after the grant is awarded.  These producing organizations are also funded by SoC, which provides the resources they need to sustain their operations and organize screenings and other special events. As the MAG model continues to evolve to meet the needs of our students, we are excited to offer incentives that foster the creative experience in a way that is both fair and helpful in fulfilling the potential of our creative economy’s future leaders.

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COVID-19 Update
The policies and practices of the MAG Award are subject to change due to COVID-19 restrictions and safety procedures. Please reach out to department administrators if you have any questions.

The Radio-TV-Film Department’s Media Arts Grants provides funding (and where appropriate, equipment checkout) for RTF undergraduates developing individual, original media projects in any recorded/moving image medium. Proposals are assessed, and grants awarded, by a committee of faculty and students.

The primary criteria for judging proposals are:

  • Clarity and originality of project and script
  • Rationale for the project
  • Adaptability of the project (If the restrictions of the pandemic continue, how do you adapt your project for single crew production with a computer camera following the Covid Best Practices guidelines?)
  • Feasibility of the project, and prospect for completion (including, e.g. scale/scope of production; budget; equipment; etc.)
  • Quality of prior work (Applications must include a link to previous work)

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