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Northwestern School of Communication

Jason Tait Sanchez

Director of Graduate Studies; Associate Professor; Fellow, Hugh Knowles Center
Jason Tait Sanchez

Dr. Sanchez's laboratory investigates the development of time-coding mechanisms in the auditory brainstem using electrophysiological and anatomical approaches. His primary interests are in synaptic transmission and ion channel function.


Central Auditory Physiology Laboratory


Fellow, Otolaryngology, University of Washington

PhD, Audiology and Neuroscience, Kent State University

MA, Audiology and Speech Sciences, Michigan State University

BA, Communication Disorders, University of Northern Colorado

Awards and Honors

2019 – Faculty Appreciation Recipients, Department of Athletics and Recreation, Northwestern University

2017 – Faculty Honor Roll, Northwestern University
2016 – Faculty Honor Roll, Northwestern University
2015 – The Clarence Simon Award for Teacher and Mentor, Northwestern University

2014 – Young Investigator Award, American Auditory Society

Recent Scientific Publications

Takahashi, M., and Sanchez, J.T. (2020). Effects of neurotrophin-3 on intrinsic neuronal properties at a central auditory structure. Neuroscience Insights.

Hong, H., and Sanchez, J.T. (2018). Need for Speed and Precision: Structural and functional specializations in the avian cochlear nucleus. Journal of Experimental Neuroscience

Hong, H., Wang, X., Lu, T., Zorio, D.A.R., Wang, Y., and Sanchez, J.T. (2018). Diverse intrinsic properties shape functional phenotype of low-frequency neurons in the auditory brainstem. Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience.

Hong, H., Lu, T., Wang, X., Wang, Y., and Sanchez, J.T. (2018). Resurgent sodium current promotes action potential firing in the avian auditory brainstem. Journal of Physiology

Lu, T., Cohen, A.L., and Sanchez, J.T. (2017). In ovo electroporation in the chicken auditory brainstem. Journal of Visualized Experiments

Lu, T., Wade, K., Hong, H., and Sanchez, J.T. (2017). Ion channel mechanisms underlying frequency-firing patterns of the avian nucleus magnocellularis: A computational model. Channels

Wang, X., Hong, H., Brown, D.H., Sanchez, J.T., and Wang, Y. (2017). Distinct properties of low frequency neurons in the chicken nucleus magnocellularis. eNeuro

Keesling, D.A., Parker, J.P., and Sanchez, J.T. (2017). A comparison of commercially available auditory brainstem response stimuli at a neurodiagnostic intensity level. Audiology Research

Hong, H, Rollman, L.S., Feinstein, B., and Sanchez J.T. (2016). Developmental profile of ion channel specializations in the avian nucleus magnocellularis. Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience

Sanchez, J.T., Quinones, K., and Otto-Meyer, S. (2015). Factors influencing short-term synaptic plasticity in the avian cochlear nucleus magnocellularis. Journal of Experimental Neuroscience

Book Chapters

Sanchez, J.T., and Grieco-Calub, T. (2018). Hearing. In: Rousseau, B., and Branski, R. (Eds.), Anatomy and Physiology of Speech and Hearing. Chapter 13. Pg. 401-439. New York, NY: Thieme

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Sanchez, J.T., and Lu, Y. (2017). Glutamate signaling in the auditory brainstem. In: Fay, R. R., Popper, A.N., Cramer, K., and Coffin, A. (Eds.), Auditory Development and Plasticity: Springer Handbook of Auditory Research. Volume 64, Chapter 4. Pg. 75-108. New York, NY: Springer

Polley, D.B., Seidl, A.H., Wang, Y., and Sanchez, J.T. (2013). Functional circuit development in the auditory system. In: Rubenstein J. L. R. and Rakic P. (Eds.), Comprehensive Developmental Neuroscience: Neural Circuit Development and Function in the Healthy and Diseased Brain. Volume 3, Chapter 2. Pg. 22-39. Amsterdam: Elsevier


Ordiway, G. and Sanchez, J.T. (October 2019). The importance of patterned activity in the nervous system for auditory functions. Open Access Government, pg. 171-73. Issue 24.

Glavin, C.C., McFarlane, K.A., and Sanchez J.T. (July 2019). Hearing speech in noisy environments. Open Access Government, pg. 176-77. Issue 23.

Takahashi, M., and Sanchez, J.T. (April 2019). Complexity of neurotrophin signaling in the nervous system. Open Access Government, pg. 169-71. Issue 22.

Sanchez, J.T. (January 2019). The genetically modified chicken: A sound approach to the study of hearing. Open Access Government, pg. 130-33. Issue 21.

Sanchez J.T., (April 2018). A Sound Approach to the Study of Hearing. Research Features Magazine, pg. 42-45. Issue 125.

Grants and Funding

  • Molecular Mechanisms of Tonotopy Development in the Brainstem, NIH/NIDCD R01 DC017167
  • Mechanisms Regulating Synaptic function in the Developing Auditory Brainstem, NIH/NIDCD R03 DC0103841
  • Distinct structure and function of low frequency neurons in the avian cochlear nucleus, Knowles Hearing Research Center Leadership Fund


  • CSD 425: Anatomy and Physiology of Central Hearing
  • CSD 318: Introduction to Audiology
  • CSD 425: Electrophysiology of the Human Auditory System
  • CSD 428: Vestibular Science