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Northwestern School of Communication

Elizabeth Norton

Associate Professor
My research examines typical reading and language development as well as developmental and learning disabilities, including dyslexia, developmental language disorder, and autism spectrum disorder. My lab combines characterization of the child’s behavior and environment with neuroscience tools, such as MRI and EEG/ERP, with a focus on identifying disorders earlier and charting individual differences and trajectories.

Area(s) of Expertise

Childhood Development, Language Learning and Processing, Neurodevelopmental Disabilities, Neuroscience
Elizabeth Norton

Elizabeth Norton is an associate professor in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders and Director of the Language, Education and Reading Neuroscience (LEARN) Lab. Her research investigates the brain and behavioral basis of language and reading development and disorders, particularly early identification of disorders such as dyslexia, developmental language disorder, and autism. She uses EEG/ERP and MRI brain imaging methodologies to investigate these questions in infants, toddlers, and children. Collaborations include studies of developmentally-sensitive measures of premature infants' brain development, indicators of mental health and its relations with language, and intervention for cardiovascular health. Dr. Norton also serves as Co-Director of the Neurodevelopmental Resource Core within the Northwestern Institute for Innovations in Developmental Sciences (DevSci).

Honors and Awards

  • SoC Clarence Simon Award for Outstanding Teaching and Mentoring, 2020
  • Standing member, NIH Language and Communication Study Section
  • Editorial board member for Scientific Studies of Reading and Journal of Learning Disabilities 
  • Outstanding Early Career Researcher award, Society for the Scientific Study of Reading
  • Cognitive Neuroscience Society
  • Fetal Infant Toddler Neuroimaging Group (FITN'G)



  • Post Doctoral Fellow, Brain and Cognitive Sciences, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • PhD, Child Study and Human Development, Tufts University
  • BA, Language and Brain Development, Dartmouth College


  • CSD 369: Cognitive Neuroscience of Communication (alternate years)
  • CSD 392: Language Development and Usage