Multimedia Production for SoC

SoCIT offers assistance with digital media production of all types, through all stages of production. We have specialists who are experts in cinematography, lighting, sound, editing, digital photography, 2D animation and effects, streaming and internet distribution. Our specialists are available to consult on projects and make recommendations for production. The SoCIT production team is available to produce audio, video or photo projects for SoC faculty and staff. Depending on the scope of a project there may be cost sharing fees associated with production. However every attempt is made to keep costs reasonable and affordable, especially compared to hiring an outside contractor.

Video Production

Lecture, Event and Classroom Recording

SoCIT can video record lectures and events in the classroom or any other location, on or off-campus. Common applications include: guest lectures, conferences, class presentations and performances. Videos can be placed online for viewing on or off-campus, or recorded to DVD or Blu-Ray discs. Finished videos are available within five business days provided no additional editing or processing is required. Projects may be subject to cost sharing depending on scope. Every effort is made to keep costs reasonable.

Lecture Capture Classrooms in Frances Searle Building

SoCIT has two classrooms equipped for automated recording of video and computer presentations (like Powerpoint) in Frances Searle Building – rooms 1-483 and 2-370. Recordings made in these rooms can be delivered online one business day after recording. However, they can not easily be delivered on a video DVD.

Planned and Scripted Video Production

These are videos which are planned in advance in order to serve a particular purpose rather than capture an event. Examples include: demonstration videos, promotional videos, interviews, documentaries and dramatic productions. Each production is unique and SoCIT will assist in all phases of production, from concept to shooting, editing and distribution. Please contact SoCIT for an initial consultation. Because each project has unique requirements production time varies and will depend on specific needs. Most projects are subject to cost sharing, however SoCIT makes every effort to keep costs reasonable while delivering a high quality production.

Consulting and Other Production Services

SoCIT is prepared to assist with most video production needs, even if a full production is not needed. We can assist with editing, production equipment consulting, creating motion graphics and animation, color correction and audio recording and editing. Please contact SoCIT with any audio or video production question you may have.

Digital Photography

SoCIT provides digital photography services for a variety of uses, from print to web. Common photo projects include: event photography, formal and informal portraits, product and still life photography. Projects may be subject to cost sharing depending on scope and scheduling. To schedule photography services please contact SoCIT at least five business days in advance.

Production Equipment and Facilities for RTVF

SoCIT maintains and supports the film/video production and post-production equipment through the Department of Radio, Television and Film. This support includes the operation of post-production laboratory space, post-production editing space and production equipment checkout. For more information on equipment checkout policies or to make an equipment reservation, please visit the undergraduate student services website. For more information on post-production facilities, including facility hours and locations, equipment available and to make a room reservation, please visit the SoC facilities website.