School of Communication Facilities

The School of Communication operates several buildings across the Evanston campus, each with different technological capabilities. A summary of computer labs and other technology infrastructure in each SoC facility is below.

Frances Searle (2240 Campus Drive)
Frances Searle contains six general-purpose smart classrooms , two of which are equipped for videoconferencing. There is also a mobile videoconference cart in Frances Searle available for small conference rooms and group meetings. Room reservations in Frances Searle are available through the university registrar.

The Virginia Wadsworth Wirtz Center for the Performing Arts (1949 Campus Drive)
The Wirtz Center contains several black-box theatres for teaching and performance, as well as one primary computer lab for set and lighting design and construction. The lab consists of four Mac Pro workstations and two PC desktops, as well as a wide-format plotter. Room reservations are available through the university registrar.

Annie May Swift Hall (1920 Campus Drive)
Annie May Swift Hall contains three general-purpose seminar rooms, all equipped with 65” plasma screens, DVD players and laptop connections. Annie May Swift Hall also houses the largest of SoC’s projection theatres and a flexible performance lab. Room reservations are available through the Department of Radio, Television and Film and the Department of Performance Studies.

Louis Hall (1877 Campus Drive)
Louis Hall is the primary building for radio, television and film production and post production. Louis Hall houses the RTF equipment cage and nine post-production editing suites, included two rooms dedicated for sound design. With regard to classrooms, Louis Hall has three primary teaching spaces: a 30-seat seminar room, a small (60-seat) projection theatre and a small film studio. Louis Hall is also the home to WNUR, Northwestern’s student-run radio station. Room reservations are available through the university registrar.

Fisk Hall (1845 Sheridan Road)
Fisk Hall contains a small black-box theatre and the primary undergraduate post-production computer lab. This computer lab has 21 instruction seats, equipped with Mac Pro workstations and 24” displays. The teacher’s station in this lab also contains a Mac Pro workstation and is equipped for high-definition projection.