Video, Desktop and Web Conferencing

Conferencing technologies allow you to conduct meetings over the internet with a variety of collaboration tools. Platforms supported by SoCIT and NUIT can provide synchronous video, audio and desktop sharing for multiple participants. Each platform has unique advantages and considerations. SoCIT staff will consult with you to determine your conferencing needs and recommend the most appropriate technology. Depending on the nature of the application these platforms may be available at no cost, or may carry reasonable fees to cover licensing or labor.

Video conferencing

SoCIT supports standard video conferencing with facilities and portable endpoints on north and south campus.


  • Frances Searle 2-370
  • Frances Searle 1-483
  • Annie May Swift 108


  • Desktop endpoints are available for loan. These units are most appropriate for groups of one to three people.
  • A mobile video conference cart is available for use in Frances Searle. It is appropriate for use by small groups in conference rooms and classrooms.


  • Please request a video conference no fewer than five business days in advance.
  • Conferences held outside regular business hours or on an ongoing basis may be subject to cost sharing.
  • Note: Video conferencing is not compatible with Skype. Conferences with participants using a desktop or laptop PC may be facilitated using the Vidyo system.

Desktop and Web Conferencing

Depending on your needs, conferences or meetings may be conducted over the internet using a desktop or laptop computer. These conferences may include desktop sharing, a telephone conference, voice over internet and/or video.

Adobe Connect

Connect is appropriate for conducting “webcasts” for presentations to multiple participants. The Connect platform provides a web conferencing environment where a presenter may share their desktop, video and audio over the internet. Participants observing will need to have the Flash plug-in installed on their computers. Presenters will also need the Connect plug-in.


  • SoCIT can facilitate a Connect meeting for SoC faculty or staff.
  • Connect meetings should be requested at least five business days in advance in order to permit adequate time for logistics and testing.
  • Users who require regular use of Connect should obtain an individual license, available from NUIT for $100 per year.

Read more information on web conferencing from NUIT.

NUIT Desktop Conferencing powered by Vidyo

Vidyo is a desktop video conferencing system that is supported by NUIT and available without cost. Vidyo permits multiple participants using desktop or laptop computers to video conference using a connected webcam and headset. Desktop sharing is also supported. Conferences can be bridged with traditional video conferences. However, Vidyo is not compatible with Skype.

Conference hosts must be NU faculty or staff. Participants may be outside NU. SoCIT will assist you with obtaining Vidyo accounts and the proper peripherals to use the service. The software required is a browser plug-in available without cost.

Read more on desktop video conferencing from NUIT.