Program of Study

Degree Requirements

  1. Two years of course work, including five core courses that include:
    • a course in methodology
    • at least one approved 400-level (or higher) course in each of the following areas:
      • European theatre and drama prior to 1650
      • European theatre and drama after 1650
      • Theatre and drama of the Americas, Africa, and/or Asia
      • Performance theory
  2. Write a qualifying exam after the second year (defended orally).

  3. Write a dissertation (defended orally).

Course of Study

Core courses emphasize a breadth of historical coverage as well as significant methodological inquiry into historical practice. They must be chosen on the recommendation and with the prior approval of the Director. Courses satisfying these requirements are identified each year by the Director, and only those so approved can satisfy the requirement. With the Director's prior approval, courses taught in other departments by Associate Faculty members may be taken to satisfy part of this requirement; in recent years this has included Renaissance drama, history of opera, and theatre in the ancient world.

Other courses are chosen to help prepare students for the qualifying exams and dissertation research. An individuated program of study is determined in consultation with the Director.

Students' progress is reviewed annually by the Director and Executive Committee.

For more detail consult the IPTD Handbook [pdf].