Steering committee

NU Qatar Faculty

  • Scott Curtis (Ph.D. University of Iowa)

Emeritus Faculty

  • Chuck Kleinhans (Ph.D. Indiana University)


Affiliated faculty specialize in a variety of areas, including: African American studies, American Studies, Comparative Literature, and Gender Studies.

Department of African American Studies

  • Alexander Weheliye (Ph.D. Rutgers University)

Department of Art History

  • Hannah Feldman (Ph.D. Columbia University)
  • Claudia Swan (Ph.D. Columbia University)

Department of Art Theory & Practice

  • Lane Relyea (Ph.D. University of Texas at Austin)

Department of Communication Studies

  • Kate Baldwin (Ph.D., Yale University)
  • Aymar Jean Christian (Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania)
  • Dilip Gaonkar (Ph.D. University of Pittsburg)
  • Robert Hariman (Ph.D. University of Minnesota)
  • Janice Radway (Ph.D. Michigan State University)

Department of English

  • Nick Davis (Ph.D. Cornell University)
  • Brian T. Edwards (Ph.D. Yale University)
  • James Hodge (PhD University of Chicago)

Department of French and Italian

  • Dormietta Torlasco (Ph.D. UC Berkeley)
  • Scott Durham (Ph.D. Yale University)

Department of German

  • Samuel Weber (Ph.D. Cornell University)

Department of Performance Studies

  • E. Patrick Johnson (Ph.D. Louisiana State University)

Department of Theatre

  • Harvey Young (Ph.D. Cornell University)

Department of Cinema and Media Studies at University of Chicago

  • Patrick Jagoda (PhD Duke University)