Translational Research

Translational research, as defined by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), is where “scientific discoveries must be translated into practical applications.”

Our translational research is facilitated by a new Center Core Grant from the NIH.  Personnel will recruit specific populations of hard-to-reach subjects such as children with autism, small children and older people and will administer routine and standardized screening tests.  We will develop centralized and standardized tools for human subject management and data gathering, and will establish a research participant registry and relational database that will facilitate the secure storage and retrieval of data pertaining to subject groups and screening profiles.  The net outcome from the work will be an increase in collaborative research among investigators, the development of a database containing screening profiles and results of experimental studies of individuals with a variety of communication disorders.  This project will also establish screening tests and experimental protocols that are most reliable for identifying markers of underlying etiologies of disorders of communication.