Recent Dissertations

Year Name Title of Dissertation
2010 Johnson, Javon "My Words Dance: Doing Race, Gender, and Sexuality in Slam and Spoken Word Poetry Communities in Los Angeles and Chicago
Paz, Coya "A Changing Lynchocracy: Lynching and the Performance of American Identities in Gold Rush California, 1848-1858."
2009 Argade, Jyoti "Jungle Boys, Babus, and Camp Orientals: The Liminal Personae of the Film Star Sabu"
Baptista, Lori "Stirring the Melting Pot: Food and the Performance of Inclusion in Newark's Ironbound Community"
Dunford, Christine "Deploying Nature: A Performance Ethnography of Community Gardens, Gardeners, and Urban Change in a Chicago Neighborhood"
Furno, Raffaele "'Mise en vie' and Intra-Culturalism: Performing the Life of Black Migrants to Italy"
Hsieh, Hsiao Mei "Across the Strait: History, Performance and Gezaixi in China and Taiwan"
Roberts, Tamara "Musicking at the Crossroads of Diaspora: Afro Asian Musical Politics"
Tyburczy, Jennifer "Sex Objects: Performance, Pleasure, and Pedagogy in Sex Museums, 1973-2008"
West, Mark "Dalit Dissent: Barefoot Lawyers and the Arts of Caste Resistance in Rural South Asia"
2008 Donkor, David "Spiders in the City: Trickster and the Politics/Economics of Performance in Ghana's Popular Theatre Revival"
Mwangola, Salome Mshai "Performing Our Stories, Performing Ourselves: In Search of Kenya's Uhuru Generation"
Potuoglu-Cook, Öykö "Night Shifts : Moral, Economic, and Cultural Politics of Turkish Belly Dance Across the Fins-de-Siècle"
Winslade, Jason "Thinning the Veils: Initiation and the Performance of Occultism"
2007 Afary, Kamran "Performance-conscious Activism and Activist-conscious Performance as Discourse in the Aftermath of the Los Angeles Rebellion of 1992"
Danzig, Leslie Buxbaum "Chicago's 500 Clown Theatre: Physical Action, Impulse and Narrative Play"
Day, Amber "Prankly Speaking: Performative Satire and Political Dialogue"
Farley, Kathryn "Teaching Performance in the Digital Age: Computerized Technologies, Improvisational Play Techniques and Interactive Learning Processes"
McCune, Jeffrey "Doin' the Down Low, Remixin' the Closet: Black Masculinity and the Politics of Sexual Passing"
McNeal, Meida "Choreographing Citizenship in the 'Gayelle': Performing Trinidadian Cultural Nationalisms"
2006 Braggs, Rashida "'American' Jazz : Traversing Race and Nation in Postwar France"
Karamitsos, Stephanie "The Art of Janine Antoni: Labor, Gender and the Object of Performance"
Mohammed, Mohammed "Imagining and Performing Habasha Identity: The Ethiopian Diaspora in the Area of Washington, D.C."
Parkins, Lisa "Representing 'The Marquise of O—': Disruptions and Subjectivity"
Peña, Elaine "Making Space Sacred: Devotional Capital, Political Economy, and the Transnational Expansion of the Cult of la Virgen de Guadelupe
2005 Alexander, Renee " Art as Survival : The Congo Tradition of Portobelo, Panama"
Campbell, Michelle "My Life as Mick Mounter : Performing Genders with the Chicago Kings"
Onoda, Natsu "Tezuka Osamu : An Intertextual History of Comics in Post-World War II Japan"
Partridge, Amy "Public Health for the People: The Use of Exhibition and Performance to Stage the 'Sanitary Idea' in Victorian Britain"
Szeman, Ioana "Performing for Europe at its Borders: Gender, Nation and the Roma Minority in Post-Communist Romania"
Szeto, Kin Yan "The Cosmopolitical Martial Arts Cinema of Asia and America: Gender, Ethnicity and Transnationalism"
2004 Anderson, Nancy "Cultural Performance Corporate Style: An Ethnographic Study on Employee Experiences with Change Management at Topflight"
Jones, Bronwyn "Performing Psychopathology: Crime Scene Photography, Forensic Aesthetics, and Performative Knowledge in Contemporary Serial Killer Narrative"
2003 Moss, Shondrika "Ah'd Save de Text for You: Exploring Zora Neal Hurston's Characteristics of Negro Expression"
Srinivasan, Priya "Performing Indian Dance in America: Interrogating Modernity, Tradition, and the Myth of Cultural Purity"
Webb, Barbara "'The Real Character of the Negro on the Stage': African American Theatre as Risk and Possibility, 1890-1908"
2002 Hubbell, Anne Marie "Six Funny Women: Gender, Body, Sexuality and Power in the Stand-up Comedy of Judy Tenuta, Paula Poundstone, Ellen Degeneres, Roseanne Barr Pentland Arnold Thomas, Adele Givens and Margaret Cho"
2001 Bogad, Lawrence "Electoral Guerrilla Theatre in Recent Democracies: Speaking Mirth to Power"
Colby, Audrey "Acts Apart: Fantasy and Adult Performance of 'Otherness' in Four Interactive Environments"
Glazer, Peter "Radical Nostalgia: Spanish Civil War Commemoration and the Politics of Desire"
Goldman, Derek "The Politics and Poetics of Adaptation: Leon Forrest's Divine Days"
McLaughlin, Karen "How Women's Words Fail in the Public Arena and What They Do About It"
Moser, Daniel "Victory Gardens 1974-2001: A Cultural History of Chicago Theatre"
Raphael, Timothy "Becoming Pictures, Identifying Sounds, Remembering Bodies: Ronald Reagan and the Political Economy of Performance"
Scott, Anna "A fala que faz/Words that work: Performance of Black Power Ideologies in Bloco Afro Carnival in Salvador, Bahia-Brazil, 1968-present"
Werry, Margaret "Tourism, Ethnicity and the Performance of New Zealand Nationalism, 1889-1914"
2000 Kanter, Jodi "Write it!: Practicing Loss in Four Contemporary Narratives"
Quintero, Craig "Performing Culture/Cultural Performances: The Little Theatre Movement in Taiwan"
1999 Holmes, Jennifer "Re-visioning Modern American Dance Theatre Through the Performance Career of Angna Enters"
Holton, Kim "Performing Political and Social Change: Revivalist Folklore Troupes in Twentieth Century Portugal"
McClure, Heather "Sexuality, Power and Performance in Guatemala and in United States Asylum Law"
Rosen, Eric "About Face Theatre: Case Studies in Theory, Aesthetics, Politics, and Performance Practice"
1998 Burbank, Carol "Ladies Against Women: Theatre Activism, Parody, and the Public Construction of Citizenship in the U.S. Feminism's Second Wave"
Cook, John "The Transformed Body: Pavel Tchelitchew's Representation of the Modernist Body"
Davis, Mella "African Trickster Tales in Diaspora: Resistance in the Creole-Speaking South Carolina Sea Islands and Guadeloupe, French West Indies"
Totland, Steve "Telling the Truth: Performing Non-Fiction Texts at Lifeline Theatre"
1997 Cherry, Eileen "Sister Envoy: Three Transcultural Performance Texts by African-American Women Travelers"
Dieckmann, Lara "Recuperating Chamber Theatre: Feminist Performance and Theatrical Adaptation"
Dolezal, Renee "High School Mothers Finding a Voice: Personal Narratives, Performance, Educational Policy"
Kemp, Amanda "'Up from Slavery' and Other Narratives: Black South African Performances of the American Negro (1920-1943)"
Thebus, Jessica "Representing Isabelle Eberhardt: Exercises in Performed Scholarship"
Werner, Derek "Toward a Model of Performance-based Critical Reading: A Study of Ensemble Rehearsal and Performance in a Production of William Gibson's 'Neuromancer'"1997
1996 Seel, Cynthia "The Divining Art: An Exploration of the Performance of Ritual in Flannery O'Connor's Fiction"
Wolford, Lisa "The Occupation of the Saint: Grotowski's Art As Vehicle"
1995 Chasnoff, Salome "Narrating Birthing: Technologies of 'Self'-replication and 'Reality'-construction"
Climenhaga, Royd "What Moves Them: Pina Bausch and the Aesthetics of Tanztheater"
Jackson, Shannon "Lines of Activity: Performance, Space, and Pedagogy at Hull- House"
Lococo, Mark "'Burned Behind My Eyes': The Dissolution of Invincibility through Performances of the Vietnam War"
Miller, Ivor "Belief and Power in Contemporary Cuba: The Dialogue Between Santeria Practitioners and Revolutionary Leader"
Nkanga, Mbala "Multivocality and The Hidden Text in Central African Theatre and Popular Performances: A Study of the Rhetoric of Social and Political Criticism"
Suchy, Patricia "Co-authoring Narrative Discourse: The Dialogue of Theatrical Adaptation"
Von Fremd, Sarah "Political Power and Urban Popular Theatre in Uganda"
1994 Baker, Andrew "Witness to the Ineffable: The Ethical Sublime and Meta-Levels of Performance: An Investigation of the Sublime in William Wordsworth's 'The Prelude', Examined through the Aestheics of Jean-Francois Lyotard"
Flynn, Kathleen "Performing Sobriety: Story and Celebration in Alcoholics Anonymous"
Kapsalis, Terri "The Pelvic Exam as Performance: Power, Spectacle, and Gynecology"
Lavey, Martha "Representing the Body: An Archetypal Approach to the Performance Art of Rachel Rosenthal, Laurie Anderson, and Karen Finley"
Robertson, Catherine "The Aesthetics and Politics of Indeterminacy in Experimental Video"
Sobol, Joseph "Jonesborough Days: The National Storytelling Festival and the Contemporary Storytelling Revival Movement in America"
Zimmerman, Mary "The Archaeology of Performance: A Study of Ensemble Process and Development in the Lookingglass Theatre Production of The Arabian Nights"
1993 Geer, Richard "Community Performance: Efficacious Theatre and Community Animation in the Performance Cycle of Swamp Gravy Sketches"
Inslee, Lester Forrest "'This World Is Not My Home': An Ethnographic Study of Homelessness"
Johnson, Deryl "Mask of HIV/AIDS: Performance, Persona, and Poetry Therapy"
Meyer, Morris "The Wild(e) Body: Camp Theory, Camp Performance"
Saivetz, Debbie "The Architecture of Chaos: Actor, Image, and the Dynamics of Space in the Directing Process of JoAnne Akalaitis"
1992 Bowman, Ruth Laurion "Performance, Play, and Pigs in Hawthorne's Social Romances"
1991 Threnhauser, Elizabeth "The Struggle for Being: A Jungian Perspective on the Poetry of T. S. Eliot"
1990 Fuller, Roy Calhoun "The Sleeping Giant: Dreams and Artistry in the Fictions of Reynolds Price"
Lamm (Pineau), Elyse "A Necessary Artifice: A Phenomenology of the Performing Self Explored in the Life-Text of Anais Nin"
1989 Bowman, Michael "Yoknapatawpha Theatre: Performance, Popular Culture, and Authority in the Faulknerian Novel"
Madison, Soyini "An Ethnography of Performance: Interpreting the Cultural Expressions of Three African American Women"
1988 Doyle, Mary "Games of Lamentation: The Irish Wake Performance Tradition"
Wilson, Susan "Adrienne Rich: The Conscious Rhetorician"
1987 Hamera, Judith "Within Poetic Coincidence: A Psychological Approach to Imaginal Continuity in Performance Art"
Oxford, Cheryl "'They Call Him Lucky Jack': Three Performance-Centered Case Studies of Storytelling in Watauga County, North Carolina"
Ward, Richard "Paul and the Politics of Corinth: A Study of 2 Corinthians 10-13"
1986 Pollock, Della "Brecht and Expressionism: An Assessment of Rhetorical Continuity"