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The Place for Sound

The MA in Sound Arts and Industries is a one-year master's program for media storytellers, artists, designers, theorists and others who place sonic expression at the center of their practice.

Screen and Stage

Build skills using contemporary production tools, whether you are a beginner or an expert, using state-of-the art facilities, spaces and equipment.

Academy and Industry

Showcase your voice in podcasts, installations, documentaries, sonic essays and film soundtracks. Navigate sound industries from radio to TV, theater to gaming, and earn experience through our internship program.

Classroom and Archive

Study the history of sonic practice and reception across arts, uncovering how people have used sound to communicate culture, power and meaning, locally and globally.

Lab and Clinic

Learn from scientists investigating the neurology and biology of hearing. Develop new tools for sound expression, editing and transmission in physical and online spaces.

Making Sonic Connections

More than a degree in sound studies or sound design, SA&I combines theory with practice and innovation, putting you at the forefront of some of the most exciting areas of communication and media today.

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