Your First Year

Your first year at Northwestern

When you become a member of the School of Communication Class of 2022, you can expect a world-class education in communication arts and sciences, a wealth of opportunities in student theatre, media, government, and organizations, and to meet new friends from all over the country and the world. You can also expect a lot of help getting settled in:

Wildcat Welcome 2018

Your first year in …

Academic Advising in the School of Communication

Your academic advisor is a member of your major department’s faculty whose primary role is to support and guide you through your educational career. The school’s academic advising team maintains a website,, where you can review your major and program requirements, learn more about curricular offerings such as modules, and find answers to commonly asked academic questions. Take some time to review the First Year Focus section for your department to preview the types of courses you will be taking during your first year.

First-year seminars

First-year seminars are a great way to get to know your faculty and peers. These intimate, special topics courses are for first-year School of Communication students only. They are required for communication studies majors, and optional for students in all other school of communication programs. They’ll help you develop some of the classroom skills you’ll need as you progress through your major, and help you start to find your crowd at Northwestern. Ask your advisor for more information about first-year seminars and other introductory classes Learn more from students and faculty.

Welcome to the School of Communication

Welcome party: Join us at the Annual School of Communication Welcome Picnic! You’ll get the chance to meet up with your Class of 2022 peers as well as upperclassmen, graduate students, faculty, and staff from the SoC. Watch your Northwestern email for more details.