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Digital Media

Students in the Digital Media Module explore the use, design, and implications of digital communication and information technologies.

Creative Writing for the Media

The Creative Writing for the Media Module is designed to encourage mastery of the art and craft of writing for screen, stage, television and all forms of narrative media. Coursework and CWMM Professional Board mentorship nurtures development of personal vision within the context of a unique and diverse collective educational experience. Completion of the module

Communicating Brain

How does the brain support our unique human ability to communicate, and how do we study the communicating brain? Students in the module explore these questions through foundational courses, research talks and activities, and a module course that covers neuroscience techniques and includes hands-on experience running an EEG study. This module provides students with an

Comedy Arts

Students in the Comedy Arts Module will explore the field of comedy in fields of television, film, theatre, stand-up, prose, performance and sketch. Through the development of their comedic voice, characters, structure and timing, students will learn the traits of well-built comedy. By delving into comedy’s past and present while also looking toward the future

Children and Communication

Although childhood spans less than one quarter of the human life span, it has a dramatic impact on life-long learning and development. Nowhere is this impact more evident than in the field of communication. It is during these formative childhood years that we go from being utterly helpless non-linguistic beings to individuals capable of independently

Acting for Screen

Have you ever been bowled over by a great performance in a movie or TV show and wondered how they did that…and maybe how you could do the same thing? In the Acting for Screen Module, we offer an innovative collaboration between Theatre and Film that not only prepares actors for the particularities of working with one