Block Cinema

Block CinemaThe Mary and Leigh Block Museum of Art is a fine arts museum committed to the study and exhibition of reproducible art forms, including prints, photographs, film, video, and computer-mediated art. The Museum mounts several exhibitions a year, organizes numerous lectures and symposia, and reaches national and international audiences through its traveling exhibitions, publications, and website. The expanding permanent collection—consisting primarily of works on paper—distinguishes the Block Museum as an important repository of original works of art.

Block Cinema, housed in the Block Museum's Pick-Laudati Auditorium, screens classic and contemporary films both in 16mm and 35mm format. A collaboration between the School of Communication and the Block Museum of Art, Block Cinema provides Northwestern, the North Shore, and Chicago with a quality venue for repertory and festival cinema.

The Block Museum also partners with the Center for Art and Technology, an interdisciplinary program that builds a curricular and professional bridge between the university's artists working with computers and the computer/cognitive scientists manipulating image and sound.

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