Ron Marmer (C74, GC74)

Ron Marmer joined the Northwestern debate team in school year 1970-71. As juniors, he and his partner Elliot Minceburg were the top two-person team and won the 1973 National Debate Tournament. Ron was sixth speaker.

As sophomores, Marmer and Minceburg regularly qualified for elimination rounds in major tournaments. They won the Ohio State tournament, were fourth at Northern Illinois (Marmer was fourth speaker) reached the quarter-finals at UCLA and Butler, and made the octa-finals at MIT, Oberlin, Harvard, and the National Debate Tournament.

As juniors in the 1972-73 school year, they won the University of North Carolina tournament, the Marietta round robin (where they were undefeated), UCLA and the National Debate Tournament (where Marmer was sixth speaker). They also placed second at Emory and Southern California, reached the semi-finals at Georgetown, and were quarter-finalists at MIT, Harvard, Dartmouth, and the University of Kansas Heart of America tournaments.

After winning the 1973 NDT, Marmer and Minceburg did not debate as seniors.