Garry Mathiason (C68)

Garry Mathiason, of Minot, South Dakota, joined the NU debate team as a freshman in the 1964-65 school year. He was a member of the top NU two-person team during his senior year, debating with David Zarefsky. Garry won a number of tournaments and speaker awards as an underclassman and regularly advanced to the elimination rounds of  tournaments.

As a senior during the 1967-68 school year, Garry and David had an overall win-loss record of 121-24, won six of the fourteen tournaments they entered, reached the semi-finals in five others, and the quarters in two more. The tournaments Garry and David won were Harvard, Brandeis, Georgetown, Tulane, Stanford, and the District V qualifying tournament for the NDT. They also were semi-finalists at Kentucky, Houston, Redlands, Emory, and the Michigan State “Tournament of Champions” and reached the quarter-finals at Dartmouth and the National Debate Tournament. Garry was second speaker at the Harvard Invitational and Tulane tournaments, fifth at Ohio State, sixth at Redlands and Georgetown, and ninth at Emory.

Garry has been a regular contributor to the debate endowment and a supporter of the NU debate reunions.