Dennis Hunt (C61, L71)

Dennis Hunt of Rockford, Ill., joined the NU debate team as a freshman in the 1957-58 school year.   Dennis was a member of the top two-person team in 1959-60 and 1960-61, partnering with John Roberts. He reached the semi-finals of the National Debate Tournament in 1960 and won 12 tournaments over his career.

In 1957-58 and 1958-59, Dennis had a 42-19 win loss record, won one tournament (going undefeated to win the four-person team competition at Bradley) and placed third in another.

In 1959-60, Hunt and Roberts won the top negative team and four-person team awards at the Wayne State University tournament. In November 1959, Hunt and Eldon Lanning won the two-person Wichita State tournament and Hunt was named second speaker. That year Hunt and Roberts reached the semi-finals of the 1960 Harvard Invitational Tournament, with Hunt named fifth speaker. At Dartmouth, Hunt and Roberts were first in the four-person team competition (with Lee Huebner and Eldon Lanning) and second in the two-person competition. Dennis and John Lehman also reached the semis at the Kansas State Emporia tournament.

In their senior year, Hunt and Roberts won seven tournaments and were undefeated in the elimination rounds of all tournaments that they entered. They were members of the winning four-person team at the 1960 University of Kentucky tournament. In March 1961, Hunt and Roberts were members of the winning four-person team at the University of Maryland Capitol Hill Tournament, where they tied for top speaker. In November 1960, Hunt and Roberts won the top two-person negative team and were part of NU’s winning four-person team at the Wayne State University Tournament. They also won the 1961 Kansas State Pittsburgh and the 1961 Kansas State Emporia  tournaments. Hunt and Roberts won both the two- and four-person competition at Dartmouth. The pair also went 12-0 to win the 1961 Harvard Invitational Tournament (the country’s largest and most prestigious regular season tournament at the time) defeating eventual 1961 NDT winners Larry Tribe and Gene Clements of Harvard in the semis. In addition, they won the 1961 University of Kansas Heart of America Tournament (then the country’s second-most prestigious tournament) again defeating 1961 NDT winners Tribe and Clements of Harvard in the semis. Unfortunately, Dennis and John did not make it out of the District V qualifying tournament and did not participate in the 1961 NDT despite having the best regular season record in the country and having been a semi-finalist at the 1960 NDT.