Alan Loewinsohn (C76)

Alan Loewinsohn joined the Northwestern debate team in school year 1972-73. He debated on the top two-person team for two years.  During his career, Alan won eight tournaments and numerous speaker awards.

As a freshman, Alan was principally paired with fellow freshman Rick Horrow. They reached the semi-finals of the Bowling Green tournament and Alan was named fifth speaker. At Ohio State, they lost in the octa-finals. They won the tournaments at Southwest Missouri State and Albion College, where Loewinsohn was fourth speaker. The pair also reached the quarters at Butler where Loewinsohn was ninth speaker. At the DSR-TKA tournament, they made it to the octa-finals and Loewinsohn was named third speaker.

Alan continued to debate with Rick Horrow his sophomore year. They reached the semi-finals at the Kansas State Emporia and Emory tournaments. They placed second in the Drury round robin and reached the quarter-finals at Southwest Missouri State, where Alan was fourth speaker. They reached the octa-finals at Harvard. They placed second at Dartmouth and at Butler, where Alan was fourth speaker.

Alan debated with Erwin Chemerinsky during the 1974-75 season. They won four tournaments including the Kentucky round robin (where Alan was fourth speaker), Wake Forest (where Alan was second speaker), Harvard, and the Kansas University Heart of America tournament (where Alan was seventh speaker)  They also reached the semi-finals at Emory (where Alan was fifth speaker), the semi-finals of Houston (where Alan was seventh speaker), the semis of Utah, and the quarter-finals of Dartmouth (where Alan was seventh speaker). They also reached the octa-finals at Kansas State Emporia. At the National Debate Tournament, Loewinsohn and Chemerinsky reached the octa-finals and Alan was tenth speaker.

As a senior during the 1975-76 season, Alan debated with Louis Kaplow. They won the Wake Forest and Dartmouth tournaments and reached the elimination rounds of a number of other tournaments. At the National Debate Tournament, they lost in the octa-finals and Alan was named fifth speaker.