Sumitrajit (Sumit) Dhar

Sumit Dhar studies the sounds created within the inner ear, then examines their behavior under a variety of conditions. By understanding the physiology involved, it is hoped that better diagnostic tests may be able to be designed to test for hearing loss.


PhD Hearing Science (minor area Neuroscience), Purdue University
MS Audiology, Utah State University
BSc Audiology, University of Bombay

Awards and Honors

2013 Clarence Simon Award for Teaching and Mentoring

Recent Publications

L.M. Ferro, G. Tanner, S.F. Erler, K. Erickson, S. Dhar (2007). Comparison of Universal Newborn Hearing Screening Programs in Illinois Hospitals, International Journal of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology, 217-230.

S. Nordrum, S. Erler, D. Garstecki, S. Dhar (2006). Comparison of performance on the hearing in noise test using directional microphones and digital noise reduction algorithms, American Journal of Audiology, 81-91.

L.A. Shaffer, S. Dhar (2006). DPOAE component estimates and their relationship to hearing thresholds, Journal of the American Academy of Audiology, 279-92.

S. Dhar, G.R. Long, C.L. Talmadge, A. Tubis (2005). The effect of stimulus-frequency ratio on distortion product otoacoustic emission components, Journal of the Acoustic Society of America, 3766-3776.

Grants and Funding

2007 - 2012 Reformulating hearing assessment: Translating new discoveries through a large-scale study in the audiology clinic, $3.2M
2004 - 2007 Evaluation of DPOAE components in time and frequency domains, NIH/NIDCD, $216,000


CSD 423 Evaluation of the peripheral hearing mechanism
CSD 411 Evaluation and use of amplification devices


Sumitrajit (Sumit) Dhar

Department Chair; Professor; Fellow, Hugh Knowles Center


Communication Sciences and Disorders


Frances Searle
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Evanston, IL 60208-2952



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Communication Sciences and Disorders