Sazzad Nasir

Sazzad Nasir's research goal is to provide an integrated approach to the understanding of sensorimotor learning by using human speech as a model system. His research deals with issues of how the nervous system integrates sensory information from different sources and examines links between sensory processes and motor function. He examines these issues by studying somatosensory and auditory systems and their role in speech motor control and speech learning in response to altered sensory feedback. To date a satisfactory characterization of sensorimotor processes in goal directed tasks - spanning behavior to neural systems - remains a major challenge in neuroscience. His hope is that the psychophysical studies pursued in the lab and exploration of their neural underpinnings will aid in understanding the core processes of sensorimotor integration.


BS Physics, University of Dhaka
PhD Theoretical Particle Physics, University of Cambridge

Lab Affiliation

Sensorimotor Learning Laboratory

Recent Publications

R. Sengupta and S. M. Nasir, The predictive roles of neural oscillations in speech motor adaptability, Journal of Neurophysiology 115 (2016) 2519.

R. Sengupta and S. M. Nasir, Redistribution of neural phase coherence reflects establishment of feedforward map in speech motor adaptation, Journal of Neurophysiology 113 (2015) 2471.

C. Vaughn and S. M. Nasir, Precise feedback control underlies sensorimotor learning in speech, Journal of Neurophysiology 113 (2015) 950.

S. M. Nasir and D. J. Ostry, Auditory plasticity and speech motor learning, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 106 (2009) 20470.

S. M. Nasir and D. J. Ostry, Speech motor learning in profoundly deaf adults, Nature Neuroscience 11 (2008) 1217.

S. M. Nasir and D. J. Ostry, Somatosensory precision in speech production, Current Biology 16 (2006) 1918.


Introduction to Hearing and Speech Acoustics - CSD 110

Brain and Cognition - CSD 303/PSYCH 365

Sazzad Nasir

Assistant Professor


Communication Sciences and Disorders


2240 Campus Drive
Room 3-352
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