Robert Hariman

Robert Hariman joined the Northwestern faculty in 2004. His scholarship focuses on the role of public art and artistry in human affairs, particularly with regard to political judgment and the discursive constitution of modern society. Hariman teaches courses in rhetorical theory and the critical study of public culture. In addition to his book publications, Hariman has written numerous book chapters and journal articles in several disciplines, and his work has been translated into French and Chinese.


PhD Communication Studies, University of Minnesota
BA Communication, Macalester College

Selected Publications

The Public Image: Photography and Civic Spectatorship, with John Louis Lucaites, the University of Chicago Press, forthcoming November 2016

Culture, Catastrophe, and Rhetoric: The Texture of Political Action, Studies in Rhetoric Culture, vol. 7, co-edited with Ralph Cintron, New York: Berghahn Books, 2015

No Caption Needed: Iconic Photographs, Public Culture, and Liberal Democracy, co-authored with John Louis Lucaites, University of Chicago Press, 2007; paperback 2011

“Photography: The Abundant Art,” with John Louis Lucaites, Photography and Culture 16 (2016)

“Icons, Iconicity, and Cultural Critique,” with John Louis Lucaites, Sociologica (2015, no. 1)

“What is a Chiasmus? Or, Why the Abyss Stares Back,” in Chiasmus and Culture, edited by Boris Wiseman and Anthony Paul (Oxford: Berghahn Books, 2014), 45-68

 “Watching War Evolve: Photojournalism and New Forms of Violence,” in The Violence of the Image: Photography and International Conflict, edited by Kennedy and Caitlin Patrick (London: I.B. Tauris, 2014), 139-163

“Hands and Feet: Photojournalism, the Fragmented Body Politic, and Collective Memory,” with John Louis Lucaites, in Journalism and Memory, edited by Barbie Zelizer and Keren Tenenboim-Weinblatt (New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2014), 131-147

“Why Prudence Fails to Persuade,” The Review of Practical Philosophy 1 (2014), 49-65 [in Chinese]

“Seeing the Stranger in the Mirror: Everyday Life in Magnum’s Public World,” in Reading Magnum: A Visual Archive of the Modern World, edited by Steven Hoelscher (Austin: University of Texas Press, 2013), 246-265

“Reading Public Culture: Reason and Excess in the Newspaper,” in Astonishment and Evocation: The Spell of Culture in Art and Anthropology, edited by Ivo Strecker and Markus Verne (Oxford: Berghahn Books, 2013), 180-189

“Vernacular Memorials and Civic Decline,” with John Louis Lucaites, in The Landscapes of 9/11: A Photographer’s Journey, edited by Edward T. Linenthal, Jonathan Hyman, & Christiane Gruber (Austin: University of Texas Press, 2013), 125-133


  • 294 The Public Image
  • 310 Rhetoric, Democracy, and Empire in Classical Athens
  • 425 Rhetoric and Its Afterlives
  • 480 Visual Rhetoric
  • MSC 530 Communication, Management, and Ethics

Robert Hariman



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Graduate Programs:

Rhetoric and Public Culture; Screen Cultures