Jane L. Rankin

Jane Rankin studies topics in the development of cognitive and social behavior through adolescence and adulthood. Her latest large project is a book that describes the advice of five major parenting experts, showing the gap between their advice and findings of research and clinical practice related to parenting on key "hot button" topics. The book also discusses the factors that shape parenting advice given by media experts, including the relatively small role played by research and clinical findings, and it advocates for identification and dissemination of "best practices" for parenting.


PhD Psychology, University of Colorado
MA Psychology, University of Colorado
BA Psychology, University of Kansas

Recent Publications

Rankin, J. L. (2005). Parenting Experts: Their Advice, the Research, and Getting It Right. Praeger Publishers.

Rankin, J. L., Lane, D. J., Gibbons, F. X., & Gerrard, M. (2004). Adolescent self-consciousness: Longitudinal age changes and gender differences in two cohorts. Journal of Research on Adolescence: 1-21.


Aging and Speech Communication
Typical and Atypical Development in Middle Childhood and Adolescence


Jane L. Rankin

Associate Dean for Research, Office of the Dean; Senior Lecturer


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