Student Academy of Audiology

The Student Academy of Audiology (SAA) is a national student organization that is dedicated to advancing the interests of students pursuing careers in audiology. Our chapter at Northwestern is currently taking part in this collective mission in a number of ways. We hold monthly meetings in which we discuss current topics in audiology and ways to advance the group. We also organize and participate in an annual educational mission trip, community outreach programs, sponsor relevant speakers, maintain contact with Northwestern alumni, and engage in a variety of social events.

Current Events

In recent years we have been sending students to Peru as part of the Vive Peru educational mission trip. To see what goes on during the Vive Peru trip visit their blog!

The annual Walk4Hearing campaign is underway! Northwestern University's chapter for the Student Academy of Audiology is participating again this year in the 2015 Walk4Hearing held in Chicago, IL and we would love your help and support. This is an amazing opportunity for us as students to give back to our community. Here are just a few of the reasons why we will be walking:

1. Raise awareness about hearing loss and the millions affected

Hearing is a large part of most people's identity. It is key for communication and experiencing movies and music. Hearing is how most people are cued in to their environment. When a person experiences hearing loss, they experience a change in the way they once understood the world around them or how they will learn to communicate in a predominately hearing world. Just as hearing is a part of a person's identity, so is hearing loss.

2. Eliminate the stigma associated with hearing loss

One of the most common concerns we see as students in the clinic is the worry and anxiety over how a hearing aid will make a patient look or how they will be treated while wearing one. Many times we will talk with patients who admittedly have struggled with their hearing for years, but have delayed treatment due to the stigma surrounding hearing loss and hearing aids. It is our hope, as a class and as a profession, to eventually diminish that stigma so that all who need services can feel comfortable and confident in seeking them out.

3. Increase the public consciousness of our field

Approximately 20% of adults in the United States alone report some degree of hearing loss. That's 48 million people in the adult population alone! It is important to us that those dealing with hearing loss know how to find help and have all of the necessary resources to do so. To do this, we must advocate for our field and make our presence known.

4. Raise funds

For the second year in a row, Northwestern University's chapter for the Student Academy of Audiology will be sending students to Peru on an educational mission trip to inform students and local communities about hearing loss and the importance of hearing conservation. 40% of the funds we raise for the Walk4Hearing will be given back to our chapter to help us fund this trip as well as other future ventures.

If you would like to donate or see our progress visit our campaign page !

Upcoming Events

We will be welcoming the incoming AuD class of 2018 the week of September 14th. We are excited to meet them and hope to see everyone at the welcome barbecue on Friday September 25th!

The Walk4Hearing event is scheduled for Sunday September 27th in Lincoln Park. Registration starts at 9 a.m. and the walk begins at 10 a.m.!

We will be hosting a guest speaker on Tuesday October 6th at 6:30 p.m. Location and speaker TBA.

Executive Board
Rachel Appleton, President
Paige Parker, Vice President
Greg Horton, Treasurer
Bethany Webb, Secretary

Committee Chairs
Emily Fransisco, Alumni & Public Relations Chairs
Vienet Romero, Community Health Chair
Shannon Switzer, Member Relations Chair
Kylie McLaughlin, Fundraising Chair
Mary Catherine Faller, Community Outreach Chair

Active members
Lisia Rollman
Nikki Pain
Stacie Beegle
Tracey Gallegos
Kelli Freeman
Kristen Schultz
Katie Kamilos
Erin Kelley
Molly Koester
Chase Smith
Kayla Eikert
Rachel Appleton
Devan Keesling
Ben Stanley
Mary Catherine Faller
Kylie McLaughlin
Shannon Switzer
Emily Francisco
Paige Parker
Kirsti Wade
Gregory Horton
Amber Kasten
Morgan Robertson
Emily Kahn
Vienet Romero
Bethany Webb
Valerie Tiscareño
Kristi Ward
Paul Reinhart

For more information about the Student Academy of Audiology, please refer to the national website. Any further questions about our chapter can be directed to Paige Parker at