Auditory Physiology Laboratory

Principal Investigator

Peter Dallos, Ph.D.
John Evans Professor of Neuroscience
Professor of Audiology


Mary Ann Cheatham, Ph.D.
Research Professor

Jing Zheng, Ph.D.
Research Assistant Professor

For more than thirty years, we have addressed problems in the biophysics and neurobiology of the mammalian cochlea. A gamut of techniques, ranging from animal behavior, through single cell recording, to molecular biology, were used to deal with various topics. All of these investigations were designed to address our primary aim: to delineate the molecular and physiological properties and functional roles of the two types of sensory receptors of the mammalian ear, inner and outer hair cells. Among other accomplishments, our laboratory is responsible for the first intracellular recording from outer hair cells, the demonstration that outer hair cells are the cochlear amplifier and the identification of the outer hair cell motor protein, prestin.

Location of prestin in sensory cells
Location of prestin in sensory cells