Presentations + Events

December 4 Andrea Warner-Czyz, PhD, CCC-A, The University of Texas at Dallas Callier Advanced Hearing Research Center [pdf]
October 30 Dimitar Deliyski, PhD MSU Foundation Professor and Department Chairperson Communicative Sciences and Disorders Michigan State University [pdf]
March 13 Mark A. Rutherford, PhD, Washington University of St. Louis School of Medicine, Dept. of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery [pdf]
December 1 Ryan McCreery, PhD, Boys Town National Research Hospital; Director, Center for Audiology; Director, Audibility, Perception and Cognition Lab [pdf]
November 1 Ken McRae, PhD, Professor of Psychology, University of Western Ontario Brain and Mind Institute [pdf]
October 31 Jeff Elman, PhD, Distinguished Professor Department of Cognitive Science, University of California, San Diego [pdf]
October 24 LIFE, ANIMATED film screening [pdf]
October 23 Norwegian American Workshop on Bilingualism at Northwestern [pdf]
September 10 In Memory of the Master: Carrying the Jeri Logemann legacy forward
June 9 Daniel Weiss, PhD, Associate Professor of Psychology and Linguistics, Pennsylvania State University [pdf]
June 2 Megan Roberts, PhD, CCC-SLP, Center for Audiology, Speech, Language, and Learning [pdf]
May 23 Keith Kluender, PhD, Purdue University [pdf]
May 10 Christine Petit, MD PhD, College de France Institut Pasteur [pdf]
May 2 Connie Kasari, PhD, University of California, Los Angeles [pdf]
April 18 Jordan Green, PhD, Harvard Medical School [pdf]
January 7 Daniel Mirman, PhD, Drexel University [pdf]