Theatre Minor Requirements

Declaring the Minor

Students may apply as early as the spring quarter of their first year for admission to the minor, but students can also declare the minor during any spring quarter. Contact the theatre minor advisor to do so.

Theatre Minor Advisor

Ben Hilb
70 Arts Circle Drive, Rm 5-128
847-491-7214 (appointments)

At your advising session, the minor advisor will sign and file your minor declaration and review with you the courses needed for the minor. The advisor will guide you as you progress toward the minor and will authorize the minor section of your petition to graduate. Faculty mentors will be available as needed.

Grade Requirements

No course for the minor may be taken utilizing the P/N option, and all classes must be completed at a grade of C- or better in order to be counted toward the minor. 

Minor Requirements (7 Units)

  • History, Literature, Criticism, or Theory (2 courses)

All courses from this area are open to students pursuing the minor.  In addition, students may take courses from WCAS that have been predetermined to fulfill requirements in theatre (e.g. Shakespeare from the Department of English). See the listing of approved history/literature/criticism courses in the theatre major section of this guide.

  • Theatre Performance (1 course)

THEATRE 143 Acting for Non-Majors (two sections offered every quarter)
THEATRE 312-1,2 Storytelling
THEATRE 260 Fundamentals of Stage Directing
THEATRE 346-1,2,3 Playwriting
THEATRE 347 Children’s Theatre
THEATRE 348-1,2 Creative Drama

NOTE: The sequence of courses in acting (243-1,2,3; 341-1,2,3; 349-1,2,3) is open solely to theatre majors due to the space limitations of these courses.  Declaring a theatre minor will not provide access to these courses.

  • Theatre Design (1 course)

Theatre 201 Introduction to Design is the pre-requisite to all upper level design classes for all non-majors. Students pursuing the theatre minor should take Theatre 201 first, and then may move on to more advanced design classes in the department as space permits.

  • One elective reflecting special interests of the student
  • Two additional classes in one of the above areas to form a required concentration
  • At least three courses must be taken at the 300 level or above
  • Of the 7 units applied to the minor, at least 5 must be offered by the theatre department. No more than two courses may be approved in departments or programs outside of theatre (e.g. performance studies, gender studies, comparative literature, etc.).