Theatre Major Requirements

Distribution Requirements (18 units)

Eighteen courses outside the department including two from math/science/technology; three from individual and social behavior; and three from the humanities and fine arts.

Major Requirements (12 units)

Introductory courses

THEATRE 140-1,2,3 Theatre in Context (three quarters, includes production class) 
THEATRE 140-4 Voice for Performance

Any student who fails Theatre 140-2 will be required to take English 105 and one additional history/literature/criticism course in theatre to meet the 140-2 requirement.


One registration for 119 Production Laboratory, taken in the sophomore year (0 units)

Core Courses

Eight 200- and 300-level courses, with a minimum of four courses at the 300 level or above in theatre, including at least 2 performance, 2 design and 2 history/literature/criticism classes from the approved lists.

Performance (at least 2 courses)

Primarily for Sophomores

THEATRE 210-0 Training the Actor’s Voice
THEATRE 243- 1,2,3 Acting I: Principles of Characterization
THEATRE 260-0 Fundamentals of Stage Directing

Primarily for Juniors, Seniors, and Graduate Students

THEATRE 310 Advanced Voice/Styles
THEATRE 311 Dialects for the Stage
THEATRE 312-1,2  The Art of Storytelling
THEATRE 330 Special Topics (Performance topics only—see your advisor to see which are acceptable for the performance requirement)
THEATRE 340-1,2 Stage Directing
THEATRE 341-1,2,3 Acting II: Analysis and Performance
THEATRE 346-1,2,3 Playwriting
THEATRE 347 Theatre for Young Audiences
THEATRE 348-1 Creative Drama
THEATRE 348-2 Advanced Creative Drama
THEATRE 349-1,2,3 Acting III: Problems in Style

Design/Technical Theatre (at least 2 courses)

Primarily for Sophomores

THEATRE 201 Introduction to Design for the Theatre
THEATRE 240-1,2,3 Stagecraft
THEATRE 241-1,2,3 Design Process
THEATRE 242 Stage Makeup
THEATRE 249-1 Introduction to Stage Management
THEATRE 249-2 Advanced Stage Management
THEATRE 263 Theatre Sound
ART 120 Intro to Painting
ART 124 Color Theory
ART 125 Intro to Drawing
ART 130 Time Based Arts
ART 140 Intro to Sculpture
ART 210 Digital tools for Artists
ART 230 Alternatives to the Object
ART 222 Intermediate Painting *
ART 225 Intermediate Drawing*
ART 240 Intermediate Sculpture*
*Prerequisite of intro course in same medium

ART HIST 232 Intro to the History of Architecture and Design
DSGN 208 Design Thinking and Doing
DSGN 295 Introductory Topics in Design
MUS TECH 320 Physics of Sound
MUS TECH 259 Into to Music Technology
MUS COMP 111-1,2 Classical Composition
MUS COMP 311 Classical Composition
RTVF 190 Media Construction
RTVF 220 Analyzing Media Texts

Primarily for Juniors, Seniors, and Graduate Students

Unless otherwise noted, these courses are open only to students who have completed the departmental 200-level requirements or their equivalents

THEATRE 330 Special Topics
THEATRE 342 Lighting Design II
THEATRE 343 Scene Design II
THEATRE 344 Costume Design II
THEATRE 350 Production Management
THEATRE 353 Topics in Stagecraft
THEATRE 354 History of Costume and Décor
THEATRE 355 Scene Painting
THEATRE 356-1,2,3,4 Graphic Arts of the Stage Designer
THEATRE 357-1,2 Freehand Drawing for the Stage Designer
THEATRE 361 Textile Arts and Crafts for the Costume Designer
THEATRE 363 Theatre Sound
THEATRE 364-1,2,3 Period Pattern Drafting and Draping
THEATRE 379 Topics in Stage Management and Leadership
RTVF 383 Foundations of Sound Design (RTVF 190 is pre-req)

History, Literature, and Criticism (at least 2 courses, chosen from the list below; additional courses may be approved, consult your advisor for information)

Theatre 244-1,2 Development of Contemporary Theatre
Theatre 307 Studies in Gender and Performance
Theatre 345-1,2,3 History of Western Theatrical Practice
Theatre 354 History of Costume Design and Décor
Theatre 365-1,2 Theatre and Performance in the Americas
Theatre 366 Special Topics in History, Literature, or Criticism
Theatre 367 History of the Lyric Theatre
Theatre 368 African Theatre and Drama
Theatre 369 Latin American Theatre
Theatre 374 Text Analysis for Theatrical Production
AfAm 259 Introduction to African American Drama
Classics 210 The World of Homer
Classics 245 Classics and the Cinema
Classics 340 Greek and Roman Drama
Dance 201 Cultural Studies of Dance
Dance 215 Dance History
Dance 315 Dance Criticism
Dance 335 Special Topics in Dance (methods or history topics)
English 212 Introduction to Drama
English 234 Introduction to Shakespeare
English 312 Studies in Drama
English 322 Medieval Drama
English 332 Renaissance Drama
English 334 Shakespeare
English 339 Special Topics in Shakespeare
English 342 Restoration and 18th Cent. Drama
French 272 Introducing Theater
French 279 Theater in Translation
GndrSt 362 Gender, Sexuality and Drama
GndrSt 372 Gender, Sexuality and Performance
GndrSt 390 Performing Masculinity
German 324 Modern German Drama
German 329 Brecht
Humanities 205 The World of Homer
Perf St 200 Introduction to Performance Studies
Perf St 305-0 Performance Theory
Perf St 307, 1-2 Studies in Gender and Performance
Perf St 318-1,2 Shakespeare’s Histories’; Shakespeare’s Adaptations
Perf St 321 Performing the American ‘50s 
Perf St 322 Staging the Novel: Noir Film and Fiction
Perf 336 Performance of Latina/o Literature
RTVF 322 RTVF Genre: Musicals from Stage to Screen                 
Slavic 369 20th Century Russian Drama and Theater
Spanish 321 Golden Age Drama

***Note: Additional courses may be accepted toward the history, literature and criticism requirement with department approval; please see your advisor for more information.

Additional Requirements

  • Six courses at the 200 level or above outside of SoC, including at least three courses at the 300 level or above (courses taken to meet the distribution requirement may be used).
  • Electives in SoC and other areas to complete a minimum of 42 units of credit.