Sound Design Minor


All students in Northwestern are eligible for the Sound Design Minor. Radio/TV/Film majors may also minor in Sound Design. A minor inside the SoC will not fulfill the field of concentration requirement for the communication studies major.

Declaring the Minor

Students may apply as early as the spring quarter of their first year for admission to the minor, but students can also declare the minor during any spring quarter.

Contact the minor advisor below to declare the minor:

Sound Design Minor Advising

Roberta Rotman
Annie May Swift Hall, Room 222

At your advising session, the advisor will sign and file your minor declaration and will review with you the courses needed for the minor. The advisor will guide you as you progress toward the minor and will sign off on the minor section of your petition to graduate at the end of your junior year.  Faculty mentors will be available as needed.

Grade Requirements

No course for any SoC minor may be taken utilizing the P/N option, and all classes must be completed at a grade of C- or better in order to apply toward a minor. 

Minor Requirements (6 Credits)

Students take six of the following courses to complete the sound design minor:


373 Topics in Sound: Revolving topics, which may include:

                        Advanced Audio Post-Production

                        Sound Design for Horror

                        Sound Design for Comedy 

                        Advanced Foley

                        Sound Design for the Web

383 Foundations of Sound Design

384 Advanced Audio Production

398 Issues in Radio/TV/Film: revolving critical studies topics,

which may include History/Aesthetics of  Sound Design

399 Independent Study


263 Theatre Sound Design

363 Advanced Sound Design for Theatre

Music Technology

321 Producing in the Virtual Studio

335 Selected Topics: Recording and Basic Audio

335 Studio Techniques for Electroacoustic Media

337 Multimedia for the Web

338 Audio Programming

340 Composing with Computers

342 Computer Sound Synthesis

342-2 Selected topics: Advanced Sound Synthesis 2

348 3D Sound and Spatial Audio

441 Advanced Computer Composition

450 Advanced Audio Processing