Major Requirements

Distribution Requirements (18 units)

Eighteen courses outside the department including two from math/science/technology; three from individual and social behavior; and three from the humanities and fine arts.

Grade Requirements

All distribution and major courses must be completed with a grade of C- or higher, and may not be taken P/N.

Major Requirements (12 Units)

  • Introductory courses (2 Units)

PERF ST 200 Introduction to Performance Studies, and

One of either:

          GEN CMN 203 Communication and Culture


          GEN CMN 103 Analysis and Performance of Literature                          

  • A minimum of 2 other 200-level courses in communication chosen from the following:

PERF ST 224 Adapting Narrative for Group Performance

PERF ST 216 Performance and Culture

PERF ST 210-1 Analysis and Performance of Poetry

PERF ST 210-2 Analysis and Performance of Narrative Fiction

PERF ST 210-3 Analysis and Performance of Drama

PERF ST 220 Sound Cultures

  • Production courses (0 credit)

2 quarters of PERF_ST 119 Production Laboratory                


1 quarter of THEATRE 119 and 1 quarter of PERF_ST 119

  • 8 additional School of Communication Courses. No more than 2 units of 399 and one unit of 331 or CMN 340 may apply to this requirement.

PERF ST 326-1 Performance Art

1 course to meet the department’s diversity requirement, chosen from:

302 Performance in Asian America
303 Transnational Flows of Performance
304 Sonic Practices of Middle East and North Africa
307-1,-2 Studies in Gender and Performance I and II
309 Black Performance
310 Literature and Performance of Women of Color
334 Human Rights and Radical Performance
336 Latina/o Performance

4 additional 300 or 400 level courses in performance studies; no more than 1 399 or 331 can apply towards these 4 courses.

2 additional courses with a performance focus from other departments in the School of Communication

Additional Requirements

  • 6 courses at the 200-level or above outside communication; if they apply, courses taken to meet the distribution requirement may be used to satisfy this requirement
  • Electives in communication and other areas to complete a minimum of 42 units of credit