Courses Primarily for First- and Second-Year Students 

PERF ST 103-0 Analysis and Performance of Literature Critical reading, written analysis, and performance of literary texts; general introduction to performance studies.

PERF ST 119 Production Laboratory Registration for performance studies majors fulfilling production crew requirements. Students perform duties for run crews and house crews in connection with department-sponsored productions in Annie May Swift Hall’s Krause Performance Lab. 

PERF ST 200-0 Introduction to Performance Studies Introduction to the field of performance studies. Explores fundamental themes and debates that animate the field, introducing a range of ways of theorizing, conceptualizing, studying, and making performance. 

PERF ST 203-0 Performance, Culture, and Communication Explores how live performance and dramatic forms of communication are methods used to examine social behavior and cultural expressions.

PERF ST 210-1 Performance of Poetry Introduction to the analysis and performance of poetry. Prerequisite: GEN CMN 103 or equivalent. 

PERF ST 210-2 Performance of Narrative Fiction Introduction to the study of narrative performance. Prerequisite: GEN CMN 103 or equivalent.

PERF ST 210-3 Performance of Drama Introduction to drama and theatricality from a performance studies perspective. Prerequisite: GEN CMN 103 or equivalent. 

PERF ST 216-0 Theories and Methods in Performance Introduction to theories of performance, methods of cultural analysis, and schools of thought in performance studies. May be repeated for credit.

PERF ST 220-0 Sound Cultures Introduction to ways of thinking culturally and historically about sound and listening. Students learn to describe, contrast, and analyze sound cultures over a wide geographical and chronological range. 

PERF ST 224-0 Adapting Narrative for Group Performance Introduction to theories and methods of adapting narrative for the stage, with special emphasis on chamber theatre. Prerequisite: GEN CMN 103 or equivalent. 

Courses Primarily for Juniors, Seniors, and Graduate Students 

Unless otherwise indicated, 1 200-level course in the department is a prerequisite. 

PERF ST 300-0 Movement-Based Performance Movement laboratory exploring theories and techniques of movement for performance, including dance, physical theatre, and framed quotidian action. Introduction to leading practitioners and practices in movement training, choreography, and composition. 

PERF ST 301-0 Performance and Activism in Digital Culture Exploration of the intersection between performance and digital media as tools for activism. Includes practices of hacktivism, countersurveillance, locative media activism, and networked protest. 

PERF ST 302-0 Performance in Asian America Introduction to the performance of Asian America, including popular culture, performance art, theatre, dance, etc. Overview of current practices in Asian American aesthetic criticism. 

PERF ST 303-0 Transnational Flows of Performance Exploration of how transnationalism and globalization challenge the concept of modern nation-states as bounded territories, identities, and cultures by considering how social actors negotiate these processes through performance as an embodied, in situ cultural practice. 

PERF ST 304-0 Sonic Practices of the Middle East and North Africa Sonic and musical practices and ritual in the Middle East and North Africa in relation to modernity, transnationalism, political economy, and performance. 

PERF ST 305-0 Performance Theory Introduction to theoretical approaches that animate performance studies, including Marxism, psychoanalysis, deconstruction, postcolonial theory, critical race theory, feminist theory, and queer theory. 

PERF ST 307-1,2 Studies in Gender and Performance 1. Introduction to theories on gender in relation to selected literary texts. How gender is prescribed, reinforced, and transgressed; how race, class, and sexuality disrupt and/or affirm these representations. 2. Examination of theories of gender performance from a cultural studies perspective.Close attention to live performance, including drag, performance art, and film. A third course in this series (THEATRE 307) is offered by the Department of Theatre.

PERF ST 308-0 Performing Modern and Contemporary Poetry Use of performance in the analysis and criticism of modern and contemporary poetry.

PERF ST 309-0 Black Performance Exploration of black performance traditions; introduction to various schools of thought regarding black performance.

PERF ST 310-0 Literature and Performance of Women of Color Literary expressions by native, Latina, African, and Asian American women reflecting intersections of gender, sexuality, ethnicity, class, and culture in the United States. Feminisms considered across race and culture. Includes poetry, fiction, autobiography, drama, and critical theory.

PERF ST 311-0 Performance in Everyday Life Conceptual view of human beings as actors. Dramatism and the perspective of life as theatre.

PERF ST 315-0 Nonfiction Studies Exploration of the dramatic impulse in nonfiction texts. Emphasis on autobiographical one-person shows.

PERF ST 316-0 Folklore and Oral Traditions Genres of oral literature and an introduction to the methods and aims of folklore research. The nature of verbal art as performance and the importance of cultural context.

PERF ST 318-1 Shakespeare’s English Histories Use of performance in the analysis and criticism of Shakespeare’s two tetralogies of English history plays.

PERF ST 318-2 Shakespeare Adaptations Use of performance in the analysis and criticism of selected Shakespeare plays and their adaptations by other writers.

PERF ST 321-0 Performing the American ’50s Use of performance in the analysis and criticism of selected postwar American literature.

PERF ST 322-1,2 Staging the Novel Theory and practice of adapting novels for stage performance. 1. Film adaptation as a model for stage adaptation. 2. Staging narrative voice and style; fiction in relation to nonfiction.

PERF ST 324-1,2 Presentational Aesthetics 1. Theatrical convention, presentational mode, and conscious artifice in the performance of dramatic literature, poetry, and nonfiction. 2. Theory and practice of chamber theatre, its conventions and presentational modes; adaptation, staging, and performance of prose fiction. Choice of performer’s or director’s perspective. Prerequisite: 224.

PERF ST 326-1,2 Performance Art 1. History, development, and theories of performance art as a live-art genre from the modernist avant-garde to contemporary cross-cultural forms. Media in all forms, with emphasis on performance process and audience relationship. 2. Further theoretical and laboratory exploration of compositional processes and political strategies of performance, media, and event/audience contexts.

PERF ST 327-0 Performance Ethnography Ethnographic approaches to the field of performance studies, includingthe theoretical foundations of performance ethnography and methodological approaches to its performance.

PERF ST 328-0 Studies in James Joyce Primary emphasis on extensive critical study and performance of Joyce’s Ulysses, resulting in either a lecture-performance, a recital, or a research paper.

PERF ST 329-0 Performing Individual Poetic Styles Content varies. Major poems of a significant writer or writers, permitting in-depth encounter with the writer, cultural context, and performance-related issues.

PERF ST 330-0 Topics in Performance Studies Readings, discussion, and creative work in performance studies research and artistic practice. Topics vary. May be repeated for credit.

PERF ST 331-0 Field Study/Internship in Performance Studies Intensive participation in off-campus production and/or field research experience. Departmental approval required.

PERF ST 332-0 Urban Festivity Ethnographic study of festivals, parades, exhibitions, civic celebrations, and other genres of urban cultural performance. Multiethnic expressions of Chicago identity. Field research methods.

PERF ST 334-0 Human Rights and Radical Performance How social movements, local communities, and individual activists from specific regions around the world use performance to seek political empowerment and social justice. Performance as theory, method, and event in the arts of resistance; human rights as ideology and praxis within indigenous histories, imaginaries, and contexts.

PERF ST 335-0 Social Art Tactics Exploration of historical and theoretical foundations of social art practice, including work focused on social change in such genres as performance, digital media, relational art, and photography. Performance/art workshops; development of performance-based interventions.

PERF ST 336-0 Latino/a Performance Exploration of US Latina/o literature through narratives of migration, annexation, exile, and diaspora; focus on the arrival and development of Latina/o performance traditions in the United States.

PERF ST 338-0 Family Stories, Memoirs, and Diaries Use of performance to explore family stories, memoirs, diaries, and other biographical and autobiographical sources.

PERF ST 399-0 Independent Study Prerequisite: consent of undergraduate dean after submission of petition.