Independent Studies

Independent Study in SoC

Independent study in SoC is available by petition to juniors and seniors who have a minimum 3.0 grade-point average. Sophomores who have a compelling academic rational to do so are encouraged to petition to take an independent study. 

Students must secure a faculty sponsor to guide their independent study. All independent study proposals must be approved by the Undergraduate Dean. No more than one independent study per quarter will be approved. The School of Communication does not limit the number of independent studies that a student may count toward their degree; but only 2 units of 399 may apply to the major degree requirements. Additional units of 399 are counted as electives. Independent study may not be taken using the P/N option. Some majors have additional rules regarding independent study; see the major requirements for details.  

Independent Study in WCAS

SoC students may have the option to do independent study in WCAS departments; they are required to apply for these independent studies through WCAS. SoC does not limit the number of independent studies in WCAS students may take, however, no more than two such courses can count for the distribution requirements. Moreover, they can only count as additional distribution requirements, not towards courses for the three required distribution areas.