Incomplete Grades

A grade of incomplete (Y) may be granted by an SoC instructor to a student who has completed most of the work for a course, but is not able to complete some of the requirements for a course due to serious extenuating circumstances, such as a medical emergency related to his or her physical or mental health (a physician’s documentation is usually required).  If you have not completed most of the work for a class, and are unable to complete it due to a medical or other emergency, you should request a withdrawal from the course instead of an incomplete.

If you believe you will need an incomplete in a SoC class, you must complete the incomplete grade contract form and have it approved by your instructor no later than the last regular class meeting of the quarter. Your instructor must approve the incomplete and verify remaining assignments required for you to receive a grade. You will then have one quarter to complete the work for the class and receive a grade. Any extension beyond one quarter will only be made with written approval of the Undergraduate Dean prior to the end of the one-quarter period.   If you have questions about this process, please call the Undergraduate Resource Center at 847-491-7214.

Note: Incompletes taken in non-SoC courses are subject to that school’s rules.  For example, WCAS courses require permission of a dean for Xs or Ys. The grade of Y is given only in the face of documented illness or other extenuating circumstances.  Students who receive grades of X (absent from final exam) in a WCAS course must have permission from the WCAS Dean’s office to take a makeup examination.  If you have a legitimate need to take a grade of X or Y in a WCAS course, talk to the Undergraduate Dean in SoC and ask permission in the WCAS Office of Studies, 1922 Sheridan Road.   If you are ill or have a family emergency and are unable to go to the Office of Studies yourself, contact the Undergraduate Dean at 847-491-7214.