Dance Minor Requirements

Eligibility and Admission

Students in all of Northwestern’s undergraduate schools are eligible for the dance minor program; however, admission is limited and by application only. Students may not pursue both the dance major and minor. Applications for the minor are available winter quarter so that students may begin the minor in spring quarter. Students must demonstrate academic progress beyond technique study within the first year of enrollment. If you are interested in applying, make an appointment with the dance advisor by calling 847-491-7214.

The advisor for dance is:

Roxane Heinze-Bradshaw
70 Arts Circle Drive, Rm 5-193
847-491-7214 (appointments)

Grade Requirements

No course for the dance minor may be taken utilizing the P/N option, and all classes must be completed at a grade of C- or better in order to apply toward a minor. 

Minor Requirements (6.68 Credits)

Of the 6.68 credits required for the minor, at least 5 must be taken in the department.

·      4 courses from the primary and secondary core:

  • DANCE 101-1 Movement Awareness
  • DANCE 101-2 Dance in Context
  • DANCE 101-3 Introduction to Improvisation
  • DANCE 225 Dance Composition

·      One yearlong sequence (3 .34 unit classes taken in consecutive quarters in a single year) in modern dance chosen from 150, 250, or 350; classes need not all be in the same level

·      2 classes in 140 (.68 units); 1 class (.34 units) can be substituted by tap or jazz Jump Rhythm Technique, chosen from 161, 261, 181 or 281

·      1 elective reflecting the student’s special interests (a dance technique sequence may not be used to satisfy this requirement)

·      1 registration in THEATRE 119 (0 credit) for students not majoring in theatre or performance studies