Dance Major Requirements

Distribution Requirements

Eighteen courses outside the department including two from the math/science/technology area; three from the individual and social behavior area; and three from the humanities and fine arts area.

Major Requirements (13 Units)

Core Courses 

101-1 Movement Awareness

101-2 Dance in Context

101-3 Introduction to Improvisation

225 Dance Composition

Dance Technique 

  • Dance technique classes: a minimum of 4 units from the list below (three classes add up to 1 unit of credit); classes in a dance form must be taken sequentially, each in consecutive quarters in a single academic year; classes in a sequence need not be taken at the same level. Technique courses must include:
  • Two yearlong sequences in modern, chosen from 150, 250, or 350
  • One yearlong sequence in jazz, chosen from 160, 161, 260, 261, or 360 (One .34 unit class in Jump Rhythm Technique tap or jazz; may be counted as part of the yearlong sequence in jazz)
  • One additional two-quarter sequence in a single form chosen from the following list:

150 Modern I
160 Jazz I
161 Jump Rhythm Technique I
170 Ballet I
180 Tap I
181 Jump Rhythm Tap I
250 Modern II
260 Jazz II
261 Jump Rhythm Technique II
270 Ballet II
280 Tap II
281 Jump Rhythm Tap II
350 Modern III
360 Jazz III
370 Ballet III
380 Tap III

  • In addition to the 4 required sequences, an additional .34 unit class, 140 Cultural Forms

2 Performance Courses chosen from the following list:

235 Choreography for Music Theatre
325 Advanced Choreographic Study
326 Advanced Improvisation
345 Studies in Collaboration
387 Theatre/Dance Practicum
465 Studies in Dance (see Graduate School catalog)

2 Dance Studies Courses chosen from the following list:

201 Cultural Studies of Dance
215 Dance History
315 Dance Criticism
335 Special Topics in Dance Research (methods or history topics)
365 American Rhythm Dancing and the African American Performance Aesthetic
THEATRE 367 Music Theatre History
399 Independent Study
356-0 Expressive Arts Therapy

  • DANCE 395 Senior Seminar-Students enroll in fall, winter and spring and receive one credit total upon completion of the year’s work in the spring quarter.
  • Production: two registrations for THEATRE 119 Production Laboratory (0 units)

Additional Requirements (29 units)

  • Courses outside communication: 6 courses at the 200 level or above, including at least 3 courses at the 300 level or above (may include courses taken to meet the distribution requirement)
  • Electives in communication and other areas to complete a minimum of 42 units of credit