Research Opportunities

Conducting research, either on your own or under the guidance of a faculty member, is a great way to increase your learning and skills. NU provides many opportunities for you to conduct research.

Research Practicum

Students may register for a research practicum in which they gain research experience by working with a faculty member on the design, execution, and presentation of a research project. Students may develop ideas for an independent study based on their research practicum experience. A combined total of only 3 units of research practicum and independent study may apply toward the major degree requirements. Please contact your advisor for information on how to apply.

Independent Study

Student may register for units of independent study, in which they work closely with a faculty member on a topic of mutual interest. Students interested in independent study should select courses that may lead to more advanced library or laboratory research. A combined total of only 3 units of research practicum and independent study may apply toward the major degree requirements. 

Undergraduate Research Grants 

If you are interested in conducting your own research, consider applying for the Academic Year Undergraduate Research Grants  and Summer Undergraduate Research Grants . Students can also apply for funds to support them working for a faculty member doing their research through the Undergraduate Research Assistant Program . The Office of Undergraduate Research’s website  has great information on how to write a research proposal to apply for these grants.

Research Labs

Lab Principal Investigator
Aphasia and Neurolinguistics Research Laboratory Cynthia K. Thompson
Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory Nina Kraus
Auditory Physiology Laboratory Mary Ann Cheatham
Auditory Research Laboratory Sumitrajit Dhar
Bilingualism and Psycholinguistics Research Group Viorica Marian
Central Auditory Physiology Laboratory Jason Sanchez
Child Language Lab
(Beginning January 2018)
Adriana Weisleder
Child Studies Group  
Communication Neural Systems Research Group  
Early Intervention Research Project Megan Roberts
Hearing Aid Laboratory Pamela Souza
Hearing Biology Laboratory Mario Ruggero
Hearing and Language Laboratory Tina Grieco-Calub
In-Vitro Physiology Laboratory Jonathan H. Siegel
Language and Communication in Aging and Neurodegeneration Research Group Angela Roberts
Language, Education, and Reading Neuroscience Lab Elizabeth Norton
Neurodevelopmental Disabilities Laboratory Molly Losh
Otoacoustic Emission Laboratory Jonathan H. Siegel
Psychoacoustics Laboratory Beverly A. Wright
Sensorimotor Learning Laboratory Sazzad Nasir
Speech Physiology Laboratory Charles Larson
Swallowing Cross-Systems Collaborative Bonnie Martin-Harris