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Media researcher receives ICA book recognition

Lynn Spigel, the Frances Willard Professor of Screen Cultures in the School of Communication Department of Radio/Television/Film, has won the Fellows Book Award from the International Communication Association. Her title Make Room for TV: Television and the Family Ideal in Postwar America (University of Chicago Press, 1992) received the recognition.

Spigel accepts the award this week at the ICA’s annual conference, held this year in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The award recognizes books that have made a substantial contribution to the scholarship of the communication field as well as the broader rubric of the social sciences and have stood some test of time.

“It’s a wonderful honor to win this award,” Spigel said. “Make Room for TV began as my dissertation, so I hope this encourages our graduate students to see the value in their PhD work. Mostly, I’m so happy my book is still meaningful to readers today.”

Spigel is also the author of TV By Design: Modern Art and the Rise of Network TV (University of Chicago Press, 2009); Electronic Elsewheres: Media, Technology and Social Space (University of Minnesota Press, 2010); Television after TV: Essays on a Medium in Transition (Duke University Press, 2005); and Welcome to the Dreamhouse (Duke University Press, 2001). She won a Guggenheim Fellowship in 2012. At Northwestern, Spigel teaches TV and media theory, television history, and courses in visual and media culture. She earned her PhD in film and television from UCLA.