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School of Communication is listed among top schools in drama and film

School of Communication programs in drama and film have been reminding Hollywood why Northwestern University has long been associated with stage and screen success.

In May, the school’s programs in drama—including an undergraduate program in acting and graduate programs in stage design and directing—placed Northwestern in the #8 spot on this year’s 25 Best Drama Schools list.

Film programs—including an undergraduate major and graduate programs in writing and documentary film—placed Northwestern in the #14 spot in the magazine’s Top 25 Film Schools article in July.

The school’s famous alumni certainly caught the magazine’s attention. The magazine highlighted Stephen Colbert (C86), Julia Louis-Dreyfus (C83), and Anna Gunn (C90)—all Emmy Award winners last year—as well as Zach Braff (C97), Seth Meyers (C96), and John Logan (C83) in their comments on the school’s programs. And in fact, the film ranking write-up cross-referenced Northwestern’s ranking for drama, citing the cross-over appeal of the programs.

The programs themselves cross creative boundaries, said David Tolchinsky, professor and chair of the Department of Radio/Television/Film. “It’s great to see our program spotlighted on this list, especially that we’re all about cutting across boundaries. Our students move from screenwriting to playwriting to television writing to improv to sketch comedy to creating sitcoms. Our astounding alumni come out of the school crossing boundaries, from theatre to television to film, and defining new forms of entertainment.”

Tolchinsky said the students (and the faculty) are excited about new curriculum in sound and in acting for the screen—programs that will surely catch the Hollywood Reporter’s attention next year.