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Stephanie March lights up Homecoming Parade, Q&A with students

Stephanie March and Bobby Flay serve as Northwestern's 2010 Homecoming Parade marshalIf you’re a Law & Order: SVU junkie, you likely know her as Assistant District Attorney Alexandra Cabot.

The Northwestern community also knows her by her real nameĀ – Stephanie March (C96), an accomplished alumna who hosted a Q&A lunch with School of Communication students during her visit to campus to serve as Northwestern’s 2010 Homecoming Parade marshal and attend the football game.

March’s husband, Food Network celebrity chef Bobby Flay, joined his wife in the parade.

Self-professed Stephanie March fan and sophomore Sam Barker attended the Q&A and said he was thrilled to meet the actress he enjoyed watching on Law & Order: SVU.

“She’s a fantastic actress, and I wanted to know what she was like as a person,” Barker said. “It turns out, she is a magnificent human being as well!”

As a theatre student, Barker was interested in getting professional advice from March.

Stephanie March moderated by David Downs, professor emeritus in service

“One thing that she told us that really stood out was the fact that, ‘No audition is the end of the world,'” he said. “It inspires me to keep moving forward even if I have a bad audition. This lesson, I feel, is better taught by someone as accredited as Ms. March; the idea that this now-famous actor was once where I am makes my dreams feel that much more attainable.”

The Q&A was moderated by David Downs, professor emeritus in service. When March was a student at Northwestern, Downs was her acting teacher.

March’s recent television credits include roles as a tortured mother on ABC-TV’s hit show Grey’s Anatomy and a psychic in FX Networks’ Rescue Me. March also was seen opposite Tina Fey on NBC-TV’s multiple award-winning comedy series 30 Rock. March has also appeared on the big screen. She had a starring role in the film The Invention of Lying, written and directed by Ricky Gervais and Matthew Robinson.